June 13, 2013

Yep, this is the current state of my bed.. crazy! I'm trying to pack all my things for 2 MONTHS, so that's just a recipe for disaster.. My boyfriend and I are actually going to Holland  together this Saturday to work and of course, to show him my home country! I love Holland, so I'm very excited to go and spend the summer there. We're staying with my auntie in my old town in, here it comes, a tent. Yep, it's summer so we thought, why the hell not? Now lets just hope for some good weather and some great camping skills. 
Also, for the past two weeks I have been blogging non stop, so that you can expect a brand new post every day this summer. Most of the pictures will be pre-shot, but I will also have a travel diary up every week. I hope that doesn't put you off reading my blog! I just want to create as much good content as I can and unfortunately I won't have the time to do that when I'm working.
But first, please excuse me to go back to packing and sort out this mess before Saturday..

What are your plans for this summer?


  1. A&S13.6.13

    I've always wanted to go to Holland! I hope you have an amazing time and post lots of pics!

  2. mystylediary13.6.13

    Holland is great, you should definitely go if you get the opportunity. Thank you and I will!

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  4. larissa13.6.13

    How nice u r coming back for a while. Dont know if u speak dutch though so I just write in English haha.

  5. Caroline St. Francis13.6.13

    Wow I can't believe you will be in a tent for the whole summer! That is pretty impressive! Hope you have an incredible time!

    ~ Caroline

  6. mystylediary14.6.13

    It is! I was born and raised there so yes, I speak Dutch. :)

  7. mystylediary14.6.13

    Haha I know me too! Thank you. :)