June 01, 2013

To be honest, I'm really glad that the month of May is over! We had some horrible weather and it was quite a stressful time with summer exams and projects. Luckily, all of that is over and the month of June has started! It's going to be a very exciting month for me, which I will tell you more about very soon! But for now, here are my May favourites. 

Song - Sun (Two door cinema club)

This band in general is just awesome and I just really like their music. This is one of my favourite songs, it's a great tune to play in the car this spring/ summer season!

Read - Vogue (Dutch)

My sister sent this little baby over to me, because I just had to have it! I'll admit, a big reason for that was the awesome Vogue Tee that was included, but I also just love Doutzen Kroes (and Vogue)! She's a beautiful Dutch model and any shoot she does is just amazing. It was great to read this during my study breaks and really helped me get through my exams.

 Nail polish - Coral (Barry M)

Last week, I wore this colour during one sunny day and it looked great in the sun! It's a beautiful coral and when the sun shines it just makes it look more neon and it just pops! It's a beautiful colour to add to any simple, neutral outfit this spring/summer.

Jewelry - Silver rings

Since I did A LOT of studying this month, I didn't really have time to change up my jewelry. These two rings have been on my fingers every day for the past month. They are great, because they are from the jewelers and don't change colour when I forget to take them off in the shower. Perfect for lazy people!

Hair product - Elvive colour protect conditioner

I started using this product by accident, because I ran out of my conditioner and grabbed one from the storage cabinet. I'm really glad I did! It's a great conditioner and does everything you would want it to do: protect the colour and make it soft and shiny. I definitely recommend this if you want to try a new conditioner.

Make-up product - Urban Decay glide-on check tint

The name is a mouth full, but all it is is a cheek tint which you apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend up to your temples. It gives a beautiful summery glow and is very easy to apply on the go! Perfect for a sleep over or summer holiday.

 Fashion item - Flannel (CDC)

This flannel has been my favourite item in my wardrobe. It's perfect for this transitional weather where it keeps changing from sun to rain. When I'm wearing this, all I do is just bring a hoodie for when it gets colder and bring a pair of sunnies when it gets warmer! Easy peasy and super versatile. 

Home decor item - Candle holder (Heatons)

I got this candle holder at Heatons a few weeks ago on sale and I absolutely love it! It's now living on my nightstand and I light the candle in it every night to see the beautiful effect it gives. It's great and I'm really glad it went on sale! I had been eyeing it for a while so you can probably imagine my reaction when I saw it was on sale.. #crazyperson.

Snack - Fruit with yoghurt, granola and honey

Last week I posted this photo on instagram, but to be honest I made this about 10 times already this month. It's delicious! All it is is yoghurt as a base, granola on top, blueberries, raspberries and some honey drizzled over it. It's super easy and quick to make, definitely one of my favourite snacks for this summer!

Moment - Summer break! (Photo source: My Tumblr)

Of course, my favourite moment this month was when my summer break started. I can never get enough of sleeping in, partying and blogging as much as I want! 

What are your May favourites?


  1. helen at thelovecatsinc1.6.13

    lovely post, it's nice to see a different take on the traditional beauty favourites posts


    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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  2. mystylediary2.6.13

    Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

  3. Tiff C2.6.13

    Lovely rings...I've been looking for something thin and minimal and these fit the bill perfectly!

    Stop by!

  4. Yinyin W2.6.13

    Love the way you've done your favourites! The candle holder is so beautiful! Loving the Two Door Cinema Club song too - getting me excited for summer and SUN!

    Yinyin xx

  5. mystylediary2.6.13

    Thanks! They are very affordable. :)

  6. mystylediary2.6.13

    Thank you! It's a great song, that's exacly what it reminds me of too!