June 29, 2013

June has past and it's time for another favourites post. It was a good month, with some well deserved sunshine at the start of it. Of course, the highlight of the month for me was finally travelling to Holland with my boyfriend. We're having a great time and I hope your enjoying my travel diaries!

Song - Radioactive (Imagina dragons)

Who doesn't love this song? It gets me super excited for summer and I just can't stop listening to it. 

 Read - Elle UK

This has been my favourite read for the past while. It's a pocket size, so really easy to take anywhere with me. I really like the interviews in Elle and the fashion is awesome too, definitely one of my favourite magazines!

Nail polish - OPI Color so hot it berns 

A pretty red, you can never go wrong with that. This colour is my go-to when I don't have much time to paint my nails and want to add a pop of colour. It only takes one coat and I'm good to go.

Hair product - Salt spray (Charles Worthington)

I got this baby at the start of the month and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect product for my hair and gives me the waves I want. I highly recommend this!

 Clothing piece - High waisted shorts (Forever 21)

High waisted shorts, I think practically every teenage girl owns a pair by now (if they are allowed to wear them, that is). There are a lot of pairs out there that are way too short for my liking, but this pair from Forever 21 is perfect for me. It's not too short and I definitely fancy the ripped-jeans look.

Accessory - Wayfarer style sunglasses (Primark)

You have probably seen these in a few outfit posts already, because I absolutely love these sunnies. They go with pretty much any outfit and are the exact style of sunglasses that I like. Now I just need to save up and buy the real deal..

Food - Lemon water

I almost forgot about this last one, but how could I? I have been drinking this non stop for the past month. Usually I just drink water, but the lemon brings some flavour to it which I really like. Definitely my new summer drink!

What are your June favourites?

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