June 16, 2013

1. Goodie bag// 2. Cupcakes// 3. At the beach// 4. Walking on the beach// 5. Cheesecake// 6. Cappuccino morning// 7. Freshly painted nails// 8. Just chillin// 9. New post (important!)

Another week has past and quite frankly, it was a great one for me! We had some lovely sunny weather in Ireland and I made the most of it by chilling out in the sun every day. I could definitely get used to that! 
Unfortunately, I will not be active on instagram for the coming months, because I don't actually own an iPhone or iPad and won't be with my mom any time soon(I use my mom's iPad and iPhone to post pictures). So, goodbye for now and have a great summer, but I will be back! 

How was your week?

username: mystylediaryblogspot

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  1. Lovely pictures! Your blog looks great :)