June 09, 2013

1. New favourite snack// 2. cross muscle tee DIY (post here)// 3. Jam from the farmers market// 4. Fruit bread at Starbucks// 5. New purchases// 6. Sunbathing and lemon water// 7. Walkin in the forest// 8. Driving// 9. Pretty landscape// 10. Sunshine// 11. OOTD// 12. New salt spray

My first week of summer break has past and oh boy, it was a good one. It existed out of lots of sunshine, tanning, blogging and a little bit of shopping. Not bad, right?

How was your week? When does your summer break start?

Username: mystylediaryblogspot


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  2. Isabel Lebasi9.6.13

    im done school so i dont get summer breaks anymore :(

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  3. mystylediary9.6.13

    Too bad.. I hope you still enjoy your summer!

  4. mystylediary12.6.13

    Thanks! That's really kind. :)

  5. WOW awesome insta inspiration you made:)

    Check out my new post..My summer living on a lovely island:)

    have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria