June 20, 2013

1 Pair of shorts 3 ways

When I saw these shorts in the biggest closet of the internet, I new I had to style them. They are just beautiful and perfect for summer! You can dress them up or down and they will always be a great staple piece. I hope you like this!

Floral shorts look 1

This first outfit is how I would where the shorts on a day out in town. It's perfect for a beautiful sunny day and can be easily adjusted for colder weather. The rucksack can hold all your junk and of course, you can slip the denim vest in it when it gets too warm. It would also be a good festival outfit!

Floral shorts look 2

This next outfit is what I would wear to the beach. The top is perfect to layer over a bathing suit when you want to walk along the pier. The shorts have a lot of pretty colours in them and the top really brings out the coral. The nail polish also blends in with the colours nicely and is a great summer colour.
Floral shorts look 3

This last outfit is perfect for a summer night out in town. The top of the outfit is very plain and white, which I really like because it brings out your tan. The shoes again, bring out the coral in the shorts and make them pop! Definitely a fun party outfit if you ask me.

Which outfit is your favourite?


  1. Claudia Castro20.6.13

    first look is my fav


  2. mystylediary20.6.13


  3. Paulina20.6.13

    great post! i love patterned shorts this year
    check out my blog and please tell me anything i should change