May 05, 2013

1. OOTN// 2. OOTD// 3. Cappuccino// 4. Made some apple cake// 5. Received my dress from Sabo Skirt// 6. Beautiful day in Dublin// 7. Queens/Kings day at the Dutch embassy// 8. Warm weather calls for some ice cream// 9. Made some teacakes (post coming soon!)// 10. Watching Ted on a rainy day// 11. OOTD// 12. DIY arrow bracelet (post coming soon!)

This past week was very relaxing for me because I had two days off school! I finally had time to work on some new posts which will be up soon and I also stayed over in Belfast one night. I've been having a great weekend so far and I hope you are too!

How was your week?

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