May 15, 2013

Two weeks ago I watched a video on youtube where a girl was showing some really cool jewelry pieces from Alice of Oz. I went over to their website and was pleasantly surprised: they had a lot of great super inexpensive items! Of course, I couldn't help myself and placed an order. The items arrived in the post a few days ago and I thought I would show you what I got!

The first two rings that I got are inspiration rings. They have 8 different inspiration rings and I decided to get a Free and a Hope ring. Initially I wanted the Courage ring, but unfortunately it was sold out. 
These rings will be perfect for stacking and when you look down you will see a positive, encouraging word. I think it's a great idea to help you stay positive!

Inspiration rings£1,00 each

The main reason why I ordered these jewelry pieces is because I wanted to get these knuckle rings. I've been looking for some knuckle rings for a while and these are perfect to try the trend out. 

Silver knuckle rings£1,00 each
Bronze knuckle ring£0,50

Last but not least I got this spiked bracelet. If you follow my blog, then you know I love my studs and spikes, so I couldn't resist! My old spiked bracelet has started to change colour, so this is a good replacement.

Spiked bracelet£2,00

As you can see all the jewelry is very nicely packaged and the service is great as well! The shipping didn't take long at all and it was very easy to order the items on their website. Perfect if your looking for some trendy, inexpensive jewelry!

What do you think of these jewelry pieces?


  1. Maria João15.5.13

    Amazing jewelry and fantastic prices! :D

    xx MJ

  2. mystylediary15.5.13

    Thanks. :) I know right? It's unbelievable!

  3. FABOULOUS ! :)

  4. SO cute love those rings!