April 11, 2013

Don't send me flowers when I am dead. If you like me, send them while...
Now that the winter is slowly going away, it's time to think about spring fashion! Spring is my favourite season, so I love shopping for spring clothes. Even though it doesn't get very warm where I live, I still like to incorporate more bright and fun pieces into my dark winter wardrobe. It just makes me feel a lot more alive and happy. 
Today, I will show you a few of my 'Spring essentials' including a few clothing pieces, accessories and nail polish. Of course, these are not the only things I wear, but they are the main pieces I like to incorporate in my outfits. They are all very versatile and give me a lot of options. 

This first piece is a crop top from Brandy Melville. Crop tops are great, because you can wear them with a lot of different things. I know that a lot of people think that crop tops are just for summer, but I think they can definitely be worn now when it's still a bit cold outside. You just have to wear the right pieces with it. 

This playsuit is one of my favourite pieces for Spring! It's so fun and comfortable to wear. The best thing is that it can be worn in a lot of different ways for day and night time. Personally, I wouldn't wear tights with this, so for now I just save it for going out and the odd sunny days.
Denim shirt - H&M

This denim shirt is one of my most worn pieces. It's great for those days when you don't know what to wear and also to tone an outfit down. I also love the denim on denim look, so this is the shirt I usually go for.

If I want to go for a pop of colour, I usually wear a bright coloured nail polish. It's an easy way to add some colour to an outfit. My favourite pastel colour to wear for the spring is mint, it's really pretty on it's own, but also with one nail painted silver or gold. It's also a fun way to add some personality to my plain old school uniform!

This next nail polish is another really fun colour to add to an outfit. Coral is my substitute for red, when I feel like wearing something different. It's just really pretty and reminds me of spring.

These sunglasses are the best purchase I ever made. Even though I don't get to wear them that much, I think it's nice to have one good pair of sunglasses to really protect my eyes. It also covers up and protects the scar under my eye, which is great. They also go with everything, so that's definitely great for spring.

Hat - Forever 21

Even though I don't get to wear hats that much, I really love them! This Fedora is one of my favourites and hopefully I will be able to wear it more often this Spring. It's a great statement piece to add to an outfit and it also covers up a bad hair day, which is always a plus!

What are your Spring essentials?


  1. The crop top is great andI´ve just bought a denim shirt ;)

    1. Thanks! Denim shirts are great :)