April 04, 2013

As you might already know, I went to Paris last weekend. I had a great time and of course, I picked up some souveniers and little things to remember the trip. I thought I would show you what I got, so I hope you enjoy!
The first thing I picked up was this mug from Starbucks. I really like these type of mugs and I collect them from all the cities I love. It's fun to remember a great trip whilst having some coffee or tea. :)
When I saw the Ladurée shop, I just couldn't help myself and bought one of the pretty boxes of Macarons. They are delicious! The box is also really pretty and I'm probably going to put some jewelry in it or just put it on display.
One of the days we went to State de France, so I bought this little bracelet to remember it. It was a beautiful stadium and we got to see a lot of it. I would love to go and see a match there one day!
Because Paris is so beautiful, I just couldn't leave without buying a postcard. I thought this one was very unique, because it's not just your typical photo of the Eiffel tower. It shows a bit more of the city which I really like. I can't wait to add this to my room!
I've always really liked little Eiffel tour key chains and when I saw them in Paris I picked some up. I got a few of them, so I could give them away to people as well. I hope they will like them! 
Last but not least I picked up a copy of the French Vogue. It's one of my favourite magazines, so I thought it would be cool to get the Vogue from Paris. The cover looks really pretty so I can't wait to look through it!

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  1. That cover is so pretty!

    xx MJ