April 13, 2013

Last week I showed you my France photo diary and today I will show you what I got when I was in Holland and France! I went shopping with my sister when I was visiting family in Holland and I also picked up a few things in France. I hope you enjoy this post!
Usually, I wouldn't really look at these type of dresses. They are very girly and pretty, but not really my style. I thought it would be cool to experiment with it though and mix more edgy pieces with it. It was also on sale for only 3(!) euro, so I couldn't pass it up! 

Dress - H&M €3,00

When I saw this sweater I thought it looked like something I could find in Brandy Melville, it's super comfy and soft! I love the camo print as well, so when I saw that it was on sale I decided to get it. It will be perfect for when I'm studying or just relaxing at home.

Sweater - local boutique €10,00

My mom got me a mini version of this cream which is actually for your hands, face and body. It's perfect for travelling and I used it a lot on my trip. It also smelled great, so I decided to get the full size pot. It makes my skin feel very soft, so I love it!

Soft cream - Nivea 

This is one of my favourite paintings by Monet. It's just beautiful with the poppies and his little son and wife walking in the field. My dad got me this postcard to put in my 'heart' card display in my room, which was really sweet of him.

Postcard - Foundation Claude Monet

He also got me a little set of 10 postcards which will be great to send to friends and family. It includes some beautiful pictures which I know they will love. It will also help me a bit with studying for art history, because I have to be able to draw some of them.

Postcards - Foundation Claude Monet

Vogue is my favourite fashion magazine and it's kind of becoming a thing for me to buy Vogue when I travel somewhere. I love looking at the beautiful pictures and it really helps me get inspired for new blog posts. 

Vogue - Bookstore

Last but not least is this free little sample I got when I went to the L'Occitane museum and factory shop. It's a hand cream for dry skin which will be very useful for me. It's also a nice mini size which will be good to put in my bag. I tend to get very dry hands, so I can never have enough hand cream!

Hand cream - L'Occitane

Have you been shopping lately?


  1. i use the hand cram it is super good!
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