April 18, 2013

1 Playsuit 3 Ways
For St Patrick's day I did a post similar to this one: 1 Pair of jeans 3 Ways. I really liked doing that post, so I thought I would do another one! This time, I'm going to show 3 ways to style this playsuit from River Island. I hope you like it!
Playsuit - Outfit 1

This first outfit is how I would wear this playsuit to the beach. It has a lot of different colours in it, so it's to pick one out and just put little accents of it in your outfit. 
I decided to go for the coral colour and added the coral nail polish and beach bag with coral accents. 
A hat is essential at the beach, so this black one ties in nicely with the black in the playsuit. 
Of course, sunglasses are a must as well and you can never go wrong with a nice pair of wayfarer's!

This next outfit it what I would wear when it's a bit chillier. I love the look of a playsuit with combat boots and an oversized sweater, so that's what I went for here. I chose a neutral colour, because the print of the playsuit is very loud and it the sweater tones it down nicely. 
A beanie is always a good accessory for colder, windy days when your hear is bound to be messed up. It also ties in with the edgy look of the combat boots which I really like.
The bag is just a fun piece to finish off the outfit. It's always good to have a little rucksack when your out and about. :)

Playsuit - Outfit 3

Last but not least is a going out ensemble. It's super easy to style this playsuit for a night: just through on a black jacket of some sort, some killer heels or wedges, fun nail polish and your good to go! 
The nail polish I chose is again, from the colours in the playsuit. It really brings out the fun, bright colours and makes them pop!
I'm actually going to wear this playsuit for my best friends 18th birthday party next week, so an OOTN will be up soon!

Which outfit is your favourite?


  1. I absolutely love these kinds of posts! Such great pieces here, and the playsuit is adorable.

    1. Thanks! I will definitely keep doing them then :)