March 14, 2013

1 Pair of Jeans 3 ways

St Patrick's day is coming up and we all know what that means: Green! A lot of people here in Ireland wear green on St Patrick's day, but the clothes they sell for the occasion are not very fashionable. So, I put together 3 outfits with 1 pair of jeans to give you some outfit ideas!
St Patricks day outfit #2

This first outfit is very comfy and simple. The dip dyed denim shirt makes the outfit look a lot more interesting, but still balances out the brightness of the green jeans. I think this would be great to wear into town to watch the St Patrick's day parade!

St Patricks day outfit idea #1

This next outfit is also very casual, but a lot more edgy than the first outfit. It incorporates some trendy pieces that I love, like the studded sweater and the combat boots. The beanie is also great to keep you warm during a long day outside. 

This would be another great outfit to wear to watch the parade, but you could even transform it into a night time outfit by replacing the combat boots with black bootie heels. You could ditch the beanie, add a nice clutch and you'll be good to go!

St Patricks day outfit #3

This last outfit would be great to wear on St Patrick's night when your out with your friends. It incorporates some edgy pieces, but also a more feminine piece like the sheer shirt, I like mixing styles like that. The leather jacket really completes the look and it also adds warmth which is great, because you will definitely need that in Ireland! 

Which outfit is your favourite? What would you wear on St Patrick's day?


  1. Anonymous14.3.13

    Great post1 Love those bright jeans! :)

  2. The last one is my favourite! :D

    xx MJ

    1. Great :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. Love the third ensemble! :)