March 24, 2013

1. Green nails for Paddy's day, 2. Hailstones just when I finished shooting my OOTD, 3. OOTN for a birthday party, 4. OOTD for Paddy's day, 5. Home-made shamrock shake!, 6. Some 'Joe' cake named after my boyfriend's brother and coffee, 7. Did some damage to my wallet.., 8. Gift from my friend (spiked bracelet), she knows me very well!, 9. All packed up and ready to go to Paris!

So, as you can see I had a pretty fun week. Sunday was St Patrick's day, so I had Monday off school which was really nice. I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and also picked up a few things at River Island and Debenhams, oops! It also gave me some time to start packing for Paris. :) When I'm back there will be a post filled with pictures of my trip!

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