March 03, 2013

1. New favourite candles, 2. Finished my Laguna bronzer, 3. Ready to go to the airport, 4. At Ikea, 5. Beautiful Primark in Belfast, 6. Left overs from lunch at Pizza Express, 7. The reason why I'm broke again, 8. My new booties, 9. Mom sent me a joke.. 

Yesterday I didn't have internet, so sorry that I didn't post! Luckily I got it back today, just in time to show you my week in pictures.

I had a good week and loved spending time with my auntie, cousin and sister. The weather was great which is unique in Ireland and we had a lovely day of shopping in Belfast. 

Unfortunately, I had to go back to school on Wednesday and they left on Thursday. I'm going to Holland soon though, so I will be able to see them again. :)

What was your highlight this week?

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  1. Great photos! :D

    xx MJ

  2. Love the photos!