March 09, 2013

For the past few weeks I have been decorating my room. I got my sisters room when she moved out last summer, but never really got a chance to decorate it properly and didn't really have a clear idea of what I wanted. 

Now, I finally decided on what I want and it was time to buy a few new home decor things. I went to Ikea and Heatons and today I will show you what I got!

On my nightstand I have a photo of my boyfriend, but I didn't have a frame for it. I decided to go for silver accents in my room, so I got this silver photo frame. I really like it and it looks really nice on my nightstand. It was also very cheap so I definitely recommend the photo frames from Ikea!

Photo frame - Ikea €3,25 (13x18 cm)

I'm one of those people who love flowers, but always forget to water them. So, after a lot of death flowers, I finally decided to just get a fake plant. It's the perfect solution!

Lavender plant - Ikea €6,00

Obviously, I needed a pot to put the lavender plant in, so I got this silver one. Again, because I have silver accents in my room and it fits in perfectly in my colour scheme. 

Plant pot - Ikea €1,35

Last but not least is my new favourite candle (post here). It caught my eye because it was blue and fits in with my colour scheme, but when I smelled it I was sold: it smells amazing! It will also last up to 18 hours AND was super cheap.. I just can't say enough good things about this. :)

Canlde - Heatons €4,00

Do you like home decor? Do you have a theme in your room?


  1. Love all those shells! :)

    xx MJ