March 12, 2013

When it comes to blushes, I know exactly what I like. I don't want anything too crazy and just a soft natural looking colour on my cheeks. 

As you can see these two blushes look very similar, but the left blush is actually a lot more peacy than the right one. I use the right blush on days when I want a tiny bit of colour and don't really feel like wearing any blush. The left blush also has some shimmer in it, so it's a bit more out there but still very pretty.

The first blush here is one of my favourites for the summer. It looks very bright, so you only need to apply a tiny bit of it. It give me a lovely peach colour on my cheeks and it looks very fresh and summery. 

The middle one is probably one of the most famous blushes out there, Orgasm by Nars. I think it's a beautiful blush and love wearing it when I go out. It has some beautiful shimmer to it and I love the way it looks.

The last blush is one I have been wearing a lot recently. Again, it looks very dark, but I feel like all the Sleek blushes are very pigmented. If you apply a little bit of it, you get a beautiful plum colour on your cheeks which is perfect for the colder days. 

What is your favourite blush?

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