March 20, 2013

Today I thought I would show you my go-to every day make-up products. I always go for a very basic, brightening look. The foundation is light-medium coverage on me, which I like. I just go for a lightly bronzed base and a light pomegranate blusher. 

Concealer is very important to me, because I have a scar under my eye which is very visible if I don't put anything on it. The concealer box that I use contains some very thick concealers and it's perfect to cover up any imperfections and my scar. I also use the YSL concealer under my eyes because it's very brightening and makes me look a lot more awake.

For my eyes I usually don't wear eyeshadow on the lids. I like to put a little bit of white kohl pencil in the corners of my eyes with some white eyeshadow over it to brighten my eyes. I don't wear eyeliner on my bottom lash line either, just under my lash line. I feel like this works for me and it's good for a day time look. 

The main thing I do to open up my eyes is curling my eyelashes. It's my absolute favourite trick and I can't do my make-up without my  eyelash curlers! Of course, I top it all of with a  few coats of my favourite mascara, I feel like this is what really transforms my look.

On my lips, I don't wear a lot of product. I always moisturize my lips before I put any make-up on my face. During the day I just like to wear a light lip product with SPF in it for a little bit of colour. 

That's it!

What is your every day make-up look? 

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