March 26, 2013

East Outfit Ideas

When I think of Easter, I think about bright fun colours, florals, pastels and sunny weather. Unfortunately the sunny weather is not always guarenteed, but at least I can work with the rest of it! I thought I would create some outfits on polyvore that are very close to my style, to get you inspired. So, I hope you enjoy!

Easter outfit #1

When I was looking for some pieces to put together, I immediately fell in love with this pair of dungarees. I think they are perfect to wear when your searching for eggs, or when your just having a fun day out with your familiy. They look very playfull and young and I really like them combined with the bright top, which brings in a nice pop of colour.  

Because my style is a bit more to the edgy side, I paired the two pieces with a pair of combat boots. They are always comfy to wear and I think that they bring a nice mix of styles to this outfit.
Easter outfit #2

Sweater - Object, Jeans - Abercrombie, Shoes - Converse, Necklace -American Apparel, Nail polish - Essie

I love the patterned jeans trend, but somethimes it can be a bit too much. These pastel patterned jeans would be perfect for a comfy Easter outfit, because they only have pastel colours and look a lot less busy. 
The grey sweater evens out the business of the jeans as well and the shoes bring in a comfy, fresh look. 
I love the nail polish colour as well and the necklace is just a cute little jewelry piece to complete the outfit. Stacked bracelets and maybe a gold watch would also look great with this outfit.
Easter outfit #3
Knit cardigan - River Island, Jeans - New Look, Bralette - Tilly's, Sandals - Musthaves.dk, Sunglasses - Ray Ban, Nail polish - Essie

When I saw this bralette I just knew I had to include it into this post: it has everything that reminds me of Easter! It's a great, fun, versatile piece and can be styled in many ways. Maybe a flowy skirt for a more girly girly and also just under a sheer shirt for a fun pop of colour. If I would wear this bralette, I would style it with these high waisted jeans, because it reaches just high enough to not show too much skin. The sweater also covers a lot of skin and makes it look a lot more comfy and cosy. The sandals are a nice casual piece which even out the look. All you need now is a pair of Aviator's, a fun nail polish colour, maybe some curls and your good to go for Easter!

What are you planning on wearing for Easter? Which one is your favourite outfit?


  1. I can't wait for Easter. I always wear a nice dress for church and dinner. While my friends and I are not able to go home for Easter this year we are still planning to dress up and do what we normally would

    Great ideas!


    1. That's lovely! Thank you :)

  2. lovely outfits! :)