February 09, 2013

If you follow my blog you might know that I love rings. I own quite a lot of them, but I keep going back to a few favourites. So, today I thought I would show you a few of my favourite rings, hope you like it!

1. Heart ring I love wearing this ring to school because it's just so damn cute! It makes my uniform a little bit less boring and when I look it at it just makes me smile. Heart ring, Forever 21
2. Skull ring This is probably my most worn ring. Ever since I got it I have been obsessed with it! I had been looking for a skull ring for a long time and I'm really happy I found one. It just matches my style perfectly. Skull ring, Brandy Melville
3. Spiral ring This ring is very dainty and cute and I like wearing it to school. It's a simple piece but it looks very interesting because of the spiral detailing. Skinny spiral ring, Brandy Melville
4. Bow ring Bow rings have been very popular for a while now and I just had to find one. I actually got my bow ring at Forever 21 in a set of two, so when it rusts I can just replace it with the other one! It's a fun piece and I like to wear it to school also. Bow ring, Forever 21
5. Silver ring with cuts This ring is very special to me, because my mom got it for me for my 10th birthday. This is when I got my ears pierced and it was just a very special moment. Luckily, the ring still fits me and when I wear it reminds me of that day. Sterling silver ring with cut outs, local jewelers in Holland

What are your favourite rings? 


  1. Love them all! I'm completely obsessed with rings!

    xx MJ

    1. Thanks! What is your favourite? :)

  2. Cute blog. Wanna follow each other? Leave a comment on my blog to let me know. :)