February 19, 2013

New year's resolutions, in my opinion they are a bit pointless if you can't stick to them. I usually forget about them after a week and it really bugs me. One of the things I promise myself I will do, is to stay positive. I think that this is very important and it's is one of the resolutions I would like to keep up. 

To help me achieve my goals and stay positive, I wanted to make something, so that when I feel down, I can look at it and remind myself of all the positive things I have experienced this year. That's when I came up with this Memory jar. 

I'm going to put little notes in it every time I experience something that made me happy. It can be silly little things, or something bigger like a holiday or a big change. 

I think this will really help me stay positive and I thought I would show you how I made my Memory jar!

You will need: 1. Printed text (Memory jar 2013), 2.  Jar, 3. Ribbon, 4. Scissors, 5. Tape

First, take your scissors and cut out the text you printed off earlier.

Now measure how big you want your ribbon to be around the top and cut it off at the desired length. 

Grab some tape and stick on the text you cut out earlier.

Now that you've taped the text to the jar, creat your ribbon. You can cut off little corners at the edges to make them even. (you can also carefully melt a little bit of the edges with a lighter, to prevent them from unravelling. Just be careful that you don't burn yourself or set the ribbon on fire!)

And there you have it!

I think this will look really cute in my room and I can't wait to put little notes in it! 

What do you think of this DIY?


  1. I had heard of other people creaking memory jars this year. I think it's a great idea and what a wonderful way to reflect and keep positive!

    1. Thanks! It's already working for me :)

  2. I did this last year and am doing it again! It's such a fun thing to do.

    1. That's great! I'm really glad to hear that :)