February 26, 2013

On ebay and other websites I always see these storage options to organise your lipsticks. I thought they were quite pricey, so decided to try to make something like it myself. That's when I came up with this DIY lipstick holder. Hope you enjoy!

What you need: 1. 2-4 toilet rolls (depending on how big you want it to be), 2. Glue, 3. Paint (colour of your choice), 4. Glue gun (or staples if you don't have one), 5. Saucer, 6. Paint brush, 7. Ruler, 8. Newspaper or magazine, 9. Scissors, 10. Coloured paper (of your choice), 11. Pencil

Now take your ruler and measure half of one of the toilet rolls. Mark it with pencil and do the same on the other side. Cut at this mark. Repeat for the remaining toilet rolls. 

Paint the inside of each of the rolls and put it away until it's dried completely.

Now measure the length around the roll and the length (which you measured before) to calculate how big the paper needs to be to be able to wrap it around. Now mark it on the paper for each roll and cut with you scissors.

Glue on a piece of paper on each roll. Make sure they are dry! Try to push it on carefully so that it's nice and smooth.

Now take two of your rolls and glue them together with your glue gun (or staple them together if your using a stapler). Make sure to just put one line of glue so that it's not visible. It's also nicer if you glue them at the seam of the paper. Repeat for the remaining rolls and lastly glue them together.

And there you have it!

Let me know what you think and please make sure to send me a photo if you try it out!


  1. That's easy. Definitely trying it out. :)

    1. Great!I would love it if you could tweet or send me picture when you do try it out :)