January 31, 2013

This month I thought I would start something new on the blog; my monthly favourites. I think it's a fun way of reflecting back on the past month and to see what I really enjoyed and used a lot. I hope you will enjoy this post (it's a long one!) and let me know what you think!

Magazine - Vogue (Dutch)

When I went to Holland for Christmas my sister bought me this magazine, it's a great read and the pictures are beautiful, just like you would expect from Vogue. I have really enjoyed reading this the past month and hope to pick up a copy of next months issue as well!

Song - Little black submarines (The Black Keys)

Recently I have really been liking The Black Keys. They have a lot of great songs and my favourite is 'Little Black Submarines'. I'm actually going to sing this for my music exam because I love it so much!

Fashion item - Beanie (Topshop)

This past month it was very cold and it was also raining a lot. This beanie has saved me a lot of bad hair days and it's just perfect for the bad weather! I love the colour and the way it completes an outfit, it's just a great piece. Definitely going to need this for another while though..

Nail polish - Barry M (Raspberry)

For the winter time I love wearing red tones on my nails. It just looks very nice and matches a lot of outfits. It's a great go-to colour!

I have worn this ring basically every day for the past month.. I just love it! It's a nice little addition to the bracelets I wear every day and I got a lot of compliments on it. :)

Food - Geo bar (Apricot)

My mom got me these bars a few weeks ago to try out and they are really good. She got me two boxes and I already finished one box which was the mixed berries flavour. Out of the two, the mixed berries flavour is definitely my favourite but they are both really good! 

Lately I have been into red lips a lot. I did a post on the maybelline lip stains (here) and I have worn this particular colour in a few outfit posts, I just love it! It's a great product and the colour is beautiful. The best bit? It stays on all night!

The past month I started paying more attention to taking care of my hair, properply. A lot of hair products contain ingredients which damage your hair, so I changed my hair care routine (post coming soon!) and started using a hair mask. 

My best friend actually sent this hair mask to me for my birthday and it works wonders. It makes my hair feel super soft and moisturized. I definitely recommend this product!

Candle - Ikea scented candle

When I go to Ikea I always like to pick up a few candles because they are super cheap! They sell a few different scents and sizes and the candle pictured is my favourite. It smells like berries and I think it's a great fall scent.

Moment - Ed Sheeran concert (post here)

If you follow my blog you will probably know that I went to the Ed Sheeran concert in Dublin! It was an amazing experience and I tried to film a bit to show you what it was like. Ed opened with 'Give me love' which is one of my favourite songs.. Hope you enjoy!

What are your January favourites?


  1. Love the color of the nail polish. :D

    xx MJ

  2. nice post. Follow each other maybe. :)

  3. Loving this post.. I live right beside Ikea Dublin, im always in there :) absolutely love your blog and the fact your another ireland based blogger :) ps. I got you message on tumblr I have replied :D
    your newest follower!

    Deb xx


    1. Thank you, that's so cool! I love the Ikea in Dublin and actually go there all the time :) Do you go to DCU?