January 20, 2013

1. Tried out a DIY! (post here), 2. Dad bought a new toy.. a table barbeque!, 3. Found a really cute tissue box, 4. Finished my Yankee Candle and cleaned it out, 5.Got highlights (for the first time!) and a new shampoo, 6. Painted my nails with a Barry M nailpolish in Raspberry, 7. Snow!, 8. Mom got me some Narcisses, they always remind me of spring :),  9. My favourite snack bar

This past week wasn't very eventful except for the fact that it started snowing!

Does it snow where you live?

Username: mystylediaryblogspot


  1. Unfortunately, no. :(

  2. No snow in Florida, but I lived in Pennsylvania for a few years and it snowed there :)

    I've been enjoying your Instagram pictures. I've gotten hooked on seeing what pictures other people are taking. Now I just need to start taking pictures myself!

    1. Thanks! It takes a bit of effort but it's fun to see what other people are taking pictures of. :)