January 29, 2013

Valentine's day is coming up and we need to start thinking of some creative gifts! So today I thought I would start with a fun little DIY to get you inspired. I do art at school and for a lot of projects I like to colour paper with different ingredients to give it a different texture or to make it look old. I thought this could be a great base for a Valentine's letter for that special someone. I mean, who wouldn't like to receive an old love letter?

What you need: 

1. Old tea towel, 2. Scourer/ Sponge, 3. Wooden spoon, 4. Tea bags, 5. White paper, 6. Some sort of bowl or glass baking dish, 7. Cutting board

Start of by laying out the tea towel on a flat surface. Fill up the glass baking dish with hot water and place this on the tea towel to protect the surface from any spillings.

Now your going to need about 4 tea bags.

Take one and rip it open.

Poor it in the dish and do the same with the remaining 3 tea bags.

Take the wooden spoon and stir the tea through the hot water.

Now take your white paper and crumple it up into a ball.

Dip the paper ball in the water carefully. It doesn't have to be soaked through so just dip it in once on either side.

Now you can carefully squeeze the paper a bit to get rid of too much excess water. If your paper is too wet, it will rip.

Carefully unravel your paper and lay it out on the cutting board. 

For this step make sure the water is cooled down a bit.

Take some of the tea out of the dish to add to darken the colour of the paper.

Rub the tea into the paper carefully. Since the paper is wet you can't be too harsh with it, so take your time to smoothly cover the whole piece of paper.

This is what you should end up with. Don't worry about the tea on the paper, you will remove it when the page is dry.

Now carefully turn over the page to do the same things to the back.

Place the page on the tea towel and let it dry completely. This takes a few hours.

When the page is dry just take your scourer or sponge and remove the excess tea and..

Your done!

Are you sending anyone a Valentine's card/letter this year?


  1. So pretty. :)