January 12, 2013

For my birthday, my dad promised me to make me a furniture piece of my choice for my room. I thought it was a great present and I finally decided on what I want!

In my room I don't have any books at the moment, because I don't have any space for them. I decided that I want my dad to make me some bookshelves. Not just any bookshelves, bookshelves made out of pallet wood! I love the way it looks and it's a good way of recycling pallets.

I have a good amount of space I can fill, so I'm thinking of getting 3 shelves; 2 like a regular bookshelf and one like in the first picture. Now I just have to measure it out and see what fits best!

What do you think?


  1. Love it!

    XO Jules

  2. I love how rustic and functional these shelves are. The first picture is my favorite how it not only has books but it layers the shelves with framed photos/art. Very neat display idea. Having regular shelves in addition to that, like you mention, would be a great idea for additional storage.


  3. Thanks for you advice :) My dad managed to get some pallets so the shelves will be made soon!

  4. Love it! This is so me :)