December 31, 2012

Happy new year! This year has gone by way too fast and a lot has happened. It's time to move on though and it's the perfect time for a fresh start. I don't always make new year's resolutions, but this year I thought it would be good to write down what I want to do to improve myself. 

Help others Something I love doing is helping others. It doesn't have to take up much time, it can be as easy as donating things you don't use anymore like clothes or furniture. This year I want to save items and donate them and maybe even try to do some voluntary work.

Work out more Lately I have been very busy and I don't go to the gym as often as I would like. This year I want to go back to what I used to do and plan at least 2 days every week to go to the gym.

Visit colleges After this year I have one year left of secondary school and I know that year is going to fly! I want to try and figure out what I want to do and where I want to go to college.

Spend time with family I know this probably sounds a bit weird, but my family doesn't live close to me. I'm hoping that I can go to Holland at least 3 times this year to see my family and friends.

Get into photography I would like to get more into photography, because I really enjoy it. It wil also improve my blog so that would be great!

These are just some things I want to focus on and I'm going to try my best to keep it up!

What are your new year's resolutions?

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