December 24, 2012

For my best friend, I wanted to make something special for Christmas. She told me about some friendship bracelets she saw in River Island and it got me thinking. I purchased two bracelets which we both like, got some crafts and came up with this little DIY.. Hope you enjoy!

What you need: Paper cutter, Pritt stick, Ruler, Scissors, Tape, Pencil, Rubber, Text and 2 Bracelets.

Now take one of the bracelets and lay it out on the paper to measure out the width of the card. Mark it with your pencil.

Take your ruler and mark where your going to cut the cardboard. Make the piece as long as you want, but make sure the text and bracelets will fit onto it.

Cut the piece of cardboard out with the paper cutter. You can use scissors if you don't have a paper cutter, I just like to use it to get straight, clean lines.

Rub out the pencil marks.

Take your scissors and cut out the text you printed off earlier. 

Now just lay it out on the piece of cardboard and adjust it whatever way you like. Then glue it on with your pritt stick.

Lay out the bracelets and put the piece of cardboard on it, facing downwards. Make sure the bracelets are more towards the bottom.

Secure the bracelets with some tape to keep them in place...

And your done!

What do you think of this DIY?

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