December 15, 2012

My sister is in her first year of college and when I talk to her over the phone, she tells me about college life and what it's like not to live at home. She now has to take care of herself and it can be very expensive! I decided to put together a Christmas gift which will be very useful for her. It's just a gift bag, filled up with lots of goodies!

First I collected a bunch of essentials, like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lip balm, cotton buds and pads, deoderant, nail polish remover etc. I also added a fun pair of Christmas socks for warm and cosy feet. All of this doesn't have to be expensive at all and it's really fun to collect everything! Just search your drawers for back up products and check out Primark for some great deals. 

Then I just wrapped everything seperately in some cute Christmas wrapping paper. I also added some chocolate money for an extra fun little touch.

Lastly I just put everything in this cute gift bag that I got in the Euro store. And of course..

Don't forget to put it under the Christmas tree!

What do you think of this gift idea? Did you finish your Christmas shopping yet?

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