August 13, 2012

Bag - Invito  
Yesterday I flew out to Gran Canaria with my mom and I thought I would give you a little peek into my carry-on bag. This is what I would bring when I have a checked bag as well, I'm going to a warm country and it's not a very long flight. 

Wallet: a small pouch with my cards, some cash and ofcourse my ID.
Make-up bag: it's always nice to have a little make-up bag with a mirror, some powder concealer and lip balm for a quick touch up.
Entertainement: I get bored very easily on a flight so I always have to have my iPod with music and movies on it and some magazines to keep me entertained.
Chewing gum: no one likes a bad breath, so chewing gum is a must!
Sunglasses: since the destination is Gran Canaria I like to have some sunnies in my bag. Especially since I brought my Ray Ban aviators I didn't want to risk losing them so I kept them with me.
Hair tie and bobby pin: just to get my hair out of my face when it looks frizzy.
Notebook: I always have a notebook with me just to scribble down ideas and little to do lists or things I want to look up.
Chargers: for some reason I always keep my chargers in my carry-on, I guess it's nice to have them at reach when something runs out of battery.
Shorts, Bikini and fluffy socks: when I go to a warm country I like to bring shorts and a bikini just incase my checked luggage gets lost, better safe than sorry. :)
Fluffy socks: to wear on the airplane, because it get can get pretty cold up there!

What do you bring in your carry-on bag?