August 25, 2012

This is what was in my beach bag when we went to the beach in Playas del Inlges. I would bring basically the same when we went to the pool. The bag is from Mango and I purchased it when it was on sale in Murcia. :) (photos were taken with an iPhone, sorry that the quality isn't great)
Water Obviously you need to drink a lot of water in the warm weather!
Sunglasses I always wear my sunglasses so I have to have them with me at the beach. They are the perfect accesory!
Comb and hair elastic It's always nice to be able to put your hair up when it's super warm or when your hair decides to go a little crazy when it's wet.
Sunscreen My number one must have when I'm going to the beach! I always protect my skin with a good SPF.
Lip balm, Deoderant My lips tend to get a little bit dry when I go for a swim so it's always nice to have some lip balm. Deoderant is always good to have to freshen up a bit.
Notebook When I have an idea or think of something I don't want to forget, it's always good to be able to write it down!
Chewing gum After coffee or lunch I always have a little chewing gum to make my breath nice and fresh.
Magazines Reading material is a must! Finally I had time to go through all the magazines and books I bought.
Wallet Just some cash to get a drink or a little souvenir.
Phone and iPod I always listen to music when I'm at the beach so when the battery of my iPod dies, I can always switch to my phone. :)