August 29, 2012

 When I go to school, I always like to have a little make-up bag with me with a few essentials to freshen up during the day. I have another make-up bag for pe, so these are the things I bring with me every day.

Wallet just to keep my lunch money and student card in.
Water I always bring a bottle of water to school because we all know it's very important to stay hydrated! When I don't feel like drinking water I like to add in some lemon.
Snack it's always good to have a little snack just in case you get hungry or have to stay back after school.
Deoderant it can get pretty warm in school and no one likes to be smelly!
Body spray a bit of my favourite body spray to freshen up and smell good all day long.
Hand gel we have hand gel at school but I like to bring some just in case we're going somewhere or something happens in class.
Hand cream my hands get super dry in the cold weater so this is an absolute must have!
Lip balm again, my lips get really dry and it's annoying when you don't have any lip balm so you can always find some carmex in my bag.
Aspirine I tend to get headaches sometimes and I hate walking around with it all day so some aspirine is nice to have just in case.
Chewing gum stinky breath after lunch.. blegh! Teachers may not allow it, but I can't live without chewing gum.

Ofcourse I have some lady products with me just in case me or one of my friends need it. You know that person people always ask to borrow stuff from? Yep, that's me..