August 15, 2012

Every month I make a wishlist of things I want to buy and I thought I would share this with you on my blog! This month I have a few staple pieces that I really want. Last week I wrote a post about leather leggings here and how much I like them. 

I already own some plaid shirts and sheer shirts but I can never have enough! For the plaid shirt I would like something either in fall colours or a nice and bright version like the one pictured. 

For sheer shirts I have a few different ones but I would really like another bright colour. This blue really catches my eye and I think it would be challenging but nice to style it, I can also wear it with leather leggings if I find a pair! 

I found a few websites where they sell these cross necklaces and I really like them but I never got a chance to buy one. This month I put it on my wishlist so I will probibly purchase it. 

A black blazer is a definite staple piece and I have a shorter version but I think it's time to buy a longer one for the fall. I used to borrow my sisters but she's moving out so I can't borrow hers anymore. 

I also have a few leather jackets but I don't have a black one. They are perfect for going out and I wear them all the time so I am definitely going on the hunt for a black version!

This wishlist will probibly go on to next month as well because we're already half way through August! Time flies..

What is on your wishlist for August?