July 30, 2012

I've never had bad acne or any other problems with my skin. The odd blemishes once a month or dry skin in the winter time would be about it. But I never had a good skin care routine, all I used was a day and night cream and maybe I would scrub my face once in a while.

Finally, I decided I wanted to try a good skin care line. I did some research online and came across the Clinique 3-step. It looked really good and even though it cost more than I would usually like to spend I went into debenhams and purchased it.

Now, a year later I'm still using it and it works wonders for me! The odd blemishes I used to have are almost gone and when I have dry skin in the winter, it's gone in no time.

I also use the serum to minimise pores and I've noticed some differences since I started using that too. I only use it on my nose and at first my skin was peeling a bit, but that cleared up after a while. Now, I only use it at night.

Another great thing is that in 1 year I've only had to re-purchase the products once. I'm still on my first bottle of the pore serum, but I don't think I will be re-purchasing it because it doesn't do much for my skin anymore and it's very pricey.

My skin type is 2-Dry Combination and I use the moisturizing gel instead of the lotion.

Have you ever tried the clinique 3-step skin care line?